Events - 24 Aug 18

Massachusetts Fireworks: Unusual Green and yellow

Bellingham Fireworks

Bellingham will celebrate Independence Day with a fireworks display on July 4. The event will be held at Bellingham High School on Blackstone Street at the athletic fields. The fireworks are scheduled to start at about 9:30 pm. The rain date for the event is on July 5. For more information, see the town site.
Massachusetts Fireworks green, yellow, white and purple pyrotechnics

Taunton Fireworks ***

Update: We've searched everywhere on the Taunton website and on Facebook and we can not find anything about fireworks this year. We will update this page when we know something. Taunton will host a fireworks display on Friday, August 25, 2017, at Hopewell Park on Hamilton Street. The event is called the End of Summer [...]