Cape Cod Winter Sunsets & Seashells

Cape Cod Winter Sunsets & Seashells

Cape Cod Winter: Sea Shells & Sunsets @ the Seaside Inn

Cape Cod Winter: We’ve just returned from our first trip to the Cape. We were there to investigate the area, look at homes and to take our first shots of the state. We booked a great room at an incredible bargain at the Seaside Inn for a few days and used that as our starting point in our daily scavenger hunt for a good home and great photos.

Our days on the Cape were frigid, but highly educational and deeply inspirational. We’ve always liked going to the beach in the offseason. The sights are just as beautiful, there are less people, and the prices are much lower.

We found some areas of Cape Cod that we think might make a good home. Centerville, Mashpee and Falmouth are great communities with some very affordable homes and charms all of their own.

We also spent a good amount of time in Woods Hole. All of that time was centered on taking shots of the striking and charming Nobksa Lighthouse. We did drive around and admire the homes of Woods Hole, but the price tags are way out of our reach. Our favorite is this ultra modern masterpiece for 5.9 million.

Cape Cod Winter Offseason: Photo Credits & Links:

The ship was docked at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The ship photo and the Nobska Beach photos were taken with our IPhone plus at sundown on Sunday, February 28, 2016.

The Seaside Inn offers affordable lodging year round. The rooms are dated, but clean, well maintained and located right on the beach. Our room came with a coffee maker, a sink and a small two-burner stove. The British Beer Company is located next door and offers great burgers, sandwiches and salads at reasonable prices. It was one of our better dining experiences on the Cape.

Our favorite homes were located in Centerville on Shootflying Hill Road and White Oak Trail and in Mashpee on Beechwood Road. They were all priced under 240 in outstanding neighborhoods. Below you’ll find a map of our home scavenger hunt.