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Demographics of Frenchtown New Jersey

It was once said that Frenchtown has more artists per square inch than any place on the face of the earth. That’s not literally true, and can never be proven, but that is exactly how it feels.

Other things that make Frenchtown unique is that for a population of under 1,500 people, we have 17 different places to eat, and over 130 businesses packed into one charming small place we call home.

Frenchtown is a community that has never gotten too big, or too developed. It retains its rural character and has an aversion to too much change or too much development. The citizens of Frenchtown are proud of their little town and hope to retain its small and charming nature.
Even with large developments currently in the planning stages, Frenchtown will always be adamant to preserve its heritage and its funky character.

Frenchtown, Hunterdon County New Jersey

Frenchtown is in Hunterdon County in Western New Jersey, in the country halfway between New York City and Philadelphia PA, on the Delaware River across from Bucks County Pennsylvania, located at Longitude -75.06021 and Latitude 40.52652, and about 65 miles West of New York City.

This tiny town in the country had its beginnings in 1741 as a ferry crossing. Frenchtown over the centuries has been called by many different names from Sunbeam NJ, to Calvin’s Ferry to Prevost Ferry to Alexandria New Jersey. The name that stuck however was Frenchtown. This came about when a wealthy Swiss gentleman who everyone thought was French because he spoke French, bought a huge tract of land here in 1794. That man was Paul Henri Mallet.

Frenchtown NJ is also famous for being the home of the wearable art clothing company Bluefish Clothing, that now exist as a much smaller company with another name. Over the years Frenchtown has changed from being an agricultural trading market to being an arts and crafts and antiques community.

Frenchtown Demographics

(All figures from the 2000 United States Federal Census unless otherwise noted)
Land Area:
1.3 square miles
Median Age:
Median Household Income:
Median House Value:
Frenchtown NJ Artist Per Square Inch [APSI quotient]:
47*(otherwise noted!!!)

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