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This page features photo credits for images and graphics that we use on the site. Find copyright and sourcing information here for stock photos, graphics, icons, illustrations and more that we use on the site. We find some of our photographs on Wikipedia and Wikimedia. For instance, the hero or feature image above is called Magic Slippers. It is an image created by Ted Van Pelt. It has a Creative Commons license. copyrights our original photographs. Our company is owned and operated by two artists and photographers. Great design, great visuals, and great style are at the heart of everything that we do. We feel that it’s our mission to use as many original images as possible. We want to stand out when you compare us to other online Massachusetts Lifestyle magazines, websites and blogs. Visually we seek to be unique in the marketplace. When we do not have the correct image to illustrate a story, we try to use the most relevant and striking stock photo images that we can find. As much as possible, we also try to take it a step further. We customize those stock photos for our usage on the site, to truly make them as distinctive as possible.

Massachusetts Photo Credits

Agawam Skyline Photo Credits: Shot is from Flickr and it is the work of Rusty Clark. It features the Boat Ramp at Bondi’s Island, looking over the Connecticut River.

Agawam House Photo Credits: This photograph features the Captain Charles Leonard House. It is the work of award-winning Wikipedia contributor John Phelan. It is from Wikipedia, and it is a Creative Commons photograph. See the original photo here. While you are there, you might want to check out more of John’s outstanding work in documenting every corner of Massachusetts. He is a very busy man.

Acton Library Photo Credits: This is a photo from May 30, 2006, from Wikipedia, and it is in the public domain. We do not know the identity of the photographer.

Chatham Marshes Photo Credits: This image was taken by Todd Van Hoosear and posted to Flickr. It has a Creative Commons License. We cropped the photo and adjusted the contrast and color to make it fit our purposes. See the original work here.

Bourne Bridge photo is from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It is from Wikipedia, and most importantly, it is in the public domain. The photograph features the Bourne Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal with the iconic Railroad Bridge in the background on the horizon.

The Acushnet, Gay Head, Alford Cycling and the Windmill photos are also from Wikipedia. The Acton Minutemen Photo is provided to us by permission of the Minutemen themselves.

Boston Fireworks Photo Credits: Our feature photo for some of our fireworks pages depicts the Boston skyline on the 4th of July with fireworks reflected in the Charles River. image: © e2dan/Shutterstock

More Photo Credits:

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